IT Manager Activity Survey

Time-in-motion summary
Every prospective candidate for a role in the lucrative IT industry will benefit from the latest findings in the annual IT management survey. Critical decisions regarding lifestyle and level of organisational and cultural fit must be assessed before embarking on any new employment.

Information technology professionals around the world have responded to the IT management survey by answering a detailed time-in-motion questionnaire. Thanks to the participation of more than 40,000 respondents results can be relied upon to reflect an even distributed result. Overall findings are summarized in the above graph.

This year the level of accidental productivity is on the rise with a full 1.5% increase on last year. Correspondingly the level of staff turn-over is predicted by many respondents to decrease proportionally. Of course this is bad news for many organisations attempting to keep focus on immediate short term gain and minimization of staff wages by ensuring no long term employees. Thankfully these organisations can rejoice as the productivity gains have been well and truly offset by the large increases in the areas of incompetence and throwing people under the bus.

7 reasons water is not fit to drink

Rumors circling Facebook, twitter, and the internet in general have been alarming the public to the relative safety of popular drinks. Now it's time the truth was told. If you care about your self and your family be sure to understand that one of the world's most popular beverages is not all it's cracked up to be.

1. Cleaning Product

Why drink a substance that can be used to clean dishes, cars, and clothes? Would you drink window or toilet cleaner? Did you know that these products often contain water?

2. Contains Dangerous Chemicals

As you might know scientists play with dangerous substances, and even they are very careful of Oxygen. As the O in H2O why would you drink something that contained a highly flammable dangerous substance?

3. Causes Drowning

Just remember every time you drink water you are drinking the tears of families who have tragically lost their loved ones to the terror of water.

4. Scare natural resource

Don't you care about the environment? Haven't you heard that water is scarce but also rising? How environmental are you? Do you want Polar bears to have a habitat. Just stop being selfish and think for a sec.

5. Nearly identical to a powerful explosive

As you now know water is sometimes called H2O. But did you know that by adding a little more oxygen you get H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide. According to Wikipedia "Pure hydrogen peroxide will explode if heated to boiling, will cause serious contact burns to the skin and can set materials alight on contact."

6. Causes acid rain

Many people have heard of Acid Rain. Let's be clear, it's bad stuff. But did you know that a large portion of the make up of acid rain is water. Just let that sink in? (pardon the pun). 

7. Good for Big Business

If you are reading this then you probably hate big corporations making lots of money. Now you know that water is pumped, shipped, bottled, and lines the coffers of multinational corporations all over the world. Stop drinking it for god's sake.

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Finally the true path to success has been documented thanks to extensive research by TechSquib associates. Now whether you are seeking career success, life success, or even success in love, look no further than the following keys to success:


With 24 hour connectivity it's easy to forget about the importance of this key to success. I'll stop typing now so you have time for a rest.


In modern society there is increasing pressure to neglect this important element of success. Our research shows that eating is highly important to success.


Of course we all like to breathe and avoiding prolonged exposure to not breathing is important to success and ongoing goal performance improvement activities.


Most success experts would also accept bathing or warm-toweling, regardless sticking to this success formula will pay dividends.

Squib Board

Following on from the award winning Conference Call Challenge, TechSquib is proud to announce Squib Board the ultimate in conference call improvements. Conference calls can be the bane of business however with the techniques developed through Squib Board your conference calls can be the highlight of your day.  Here's how it works:
  1. Record conference call using your mobile phone or pc
  2. Voice Memo
  3. Use wave editing software (e.g. Audacity, Sound Forge, etc) to separate key words & phrases
    Sound Forge
  4. Save each separate word/phrase into an appropriately named file e.g. “hello.wav”
  5. For each phrase create a button in Power Point.
  6. For each button add the text of the phrase
  7. Insert all of the wav files into Power Point
  8. Power Point
  9. Open the animation pane
  10. For each wav open Effect Options
  11. Navigate to the timing tab
  12. Change the trigger to be the appropriate rectangle/button.
Once complete leverage the power of your sound board to make your conference calls more interesting!

Download your example starter pack today: Squib Board Example

SquibShui - Harmony in Monitor Placement

The importance of Squib Shui cannot be overlooked. Stimulating the correct flow of energy throughout the office environment translates into increased throughput and performance. The positioning of desks and monitors is critical to team harmony and in some cases continued employment.

The Squib Shui diagram shows an example of a simple seating plan and associated Squib Shui Traffic light report for various locations. In this example a red seat is highly likely to result in unhappiness, whereas a green location is most likely to enjoy the full benefits of Squib Shui.

Not everyone can be an instant expert in Squib Shui and that is why TechSquib is able to offer customised Squib Shui services for your office or planned renovation. Contact us now for an obligation based quote.

Key to Simplification

Extreme Discrete Simplification (EDS) involves breaking tasks down to their simplest form, and what could be simpler than each team being responsible for a single letter of the keyboard. One large Melbourne company is reaping the rewards of simplification. Spokesperson for the company noted 'Extreme discrete simplification or EDS has revolutionised our organisation. Now teams know exactly what they are responsible for without confusion.' 

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